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Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Hops

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My Little Life
Special thanks to Sandy, Sharayha, Pam, dosweatthesmallstuff, and @my4redheads for their question suggestions! 
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1. If you had the opportunity to bungee jump, would you?

My answer would probably be: "Are you f*cking kiddin me?? Hell no!" before.  However, trauma to my brain cells brought about by recent events had apparently produced a slight change to my answer now.  So my answer is, "Are you f*cking kiddin me?? Hell YEAH!!"

2. Would you rather go to the movie theater or to the drive-in?

This is where I'm not too nostalgic about the past.  I like to enjoy my movies in all its glory: with all the latest high-tech sound system, picture quality, and the comfort of a good seat in a movie theater.  I also don't like spilling popcorn, tomato ketchup, and those nacho cheese anywhere inside my car.  I don't mind doing the same at the movie theater though... (what are you giving me *that* look for??).  

3. Do you have your groceries delivered?

Yes and No.  I love supermarkets... I enjoy walking down all the aisles and looking at all the different stuff on the shelves.  Yeah, fine, so I do like shopping in general.  What I don't like, though, is having to carry the entire motherload of shopping bags to my car all by myself.  
Sooo... yes, delivery whenever my grocery looks like they weigh a ton, and no on days when I just want to go to the supermarket to get a nail polish remover... or some condoms. 

4. Eyebrows: Do you wax, thread, pluck, or stay au naturel?
I pluck.  I'm a pluck lover.  I pluck everything.  Remember my post, Bikini Whacks?

5. Would the people you went to high school with be surprised by your life today?

Couldn't be more surprised.  Married soon after college, had a baby within a year, became a full-time wife and mother, and now, a soon-to-be divorced, single mother.  Who's thinking of going to Pre-Med.  Damn, I surprised even myself!

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