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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Divorce Journal: Entry #2 - My *New* Bachelor Pad

As of right now, my husband and I are still living in the same house.  We have not talked in details yet about what will happen to our living arrangements etc. once the divorce procedure is underway.  So we're sort of stuck living under the same roof, trying to avoid one another as best we could.  At times when we had to interact, we kept our conversation to a minimum--that way *I* wouldn't get too emotional.

That doesn't mean I didn't feel like slapping the bejeezuz out of him, or kicking his ass all the way to Mars every time I see his face.  I do have a black belt in crazy after all.  So you betcha my mind's been brewing with all kinds of ways to hurt the bloody arsehole back, but with the divorce in such an early stage, maybe I should wait and see.

I know this sounds crazy, but we still tried to eat dinner together whenever he's home to do so, for the sake of our daughter.  This of course was the last thing I wanted to do; the longer the minutes past, the angrier I felt, just looking at him sitting across the dinner table.  I was in the middle of my very satisfying imagination, which involved poking him over and over again with the dinner fork, ala voodoo doll, when my daughter suddenly said, "Why am I the only one talking on this table?  Why aren't you talking to each other?  Mommy?  Daddy?"  And my damn heart broke again.

I've moved out of the bedroom my husband and I used to share into what used to be the nursery.  He didn't ask me to, but I just couldn't go on sleeping next to him at nights knowing he doesn't have any feelings for me anymore.  And I prefer not to wait until he's the one who moves out when he couldn't stand it anymore.   

So moved I did, next door to what used to be the nursery. 

Ever since my daughter outgrew her crib and moved to her "big girl" bedroom, the nursery's been converted into a playroom/storage for my daughters' toys and knick-knacks.  We had taken down the baby crib a long time ago, but had replaced it with one of those Little Tikes bed so that my daughter could take a nap there during the day if she wants to. 

Who knew after all these years, I'm back to having a bachelor's pad, eh?  It does have a few resemblances to my old bedroom... Here's a few takes on what it looks like:

Back to sleeping alone on a single bed!  No more arguments over room temperature, ha!  And I have the blanket all to myself.  I can wake up in the middle night, jump around on the bed, and nobody would know!  So without further ado, this is where I've been sleeping for the last few weeks...  on a Little Tikes bed that looks exactly like this:
Because I had the walls painted with murals, my 'new bachelor pad's wallpaper' looks very similar to this:
Although I'm thinking of changing it soon to something like this:
Then add the margharitas, some mojitos, a few beers... 

Back in the days, I used to have 'cool' posters in my room.  Now I have these:

My own personal library?  No problem, my new room has an extensive collection:
Among my favorites are: "The Specky, Pecky Egg," "Tina Ballerina's Ballet Class," and "The Never-Bored Kid Book" (very insightful, especially for those ghostly hours in the early morning when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep)
And it also came equipped with the latest gadgets:

It even has unopened boxes, most probably full of junk from years ago, on the corner:
And yes, that is my DIY waxing kit stashed away together with old baby clothes and some Christmas lights from last December.
Oh, did I mention that my new bachelor pad resembled my old bedroom, as in, my bedroom when I was 6 years old? 

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