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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me...

This post is based on this week's RemembeRed prompt by the Red Dress Club, which is: Write a post that either starts or ends with the words "Lesson learned."  Word limit: 400 words.

A Little Bird Told Me...

Mother, what are you doing? Why did you wake me up from my nap?  Please don't push me out of the nest!  It's cold out there... 

No, no, no... I'm still sleepy, Mother.  I can barely open my eyes.  Would you please stop nudging me?  Fine, fine, I'm moving!

W-w-wait a minute, where do you want me to go?  There?!?  But I thought...  Ha! Mother, you are so funny!  Of course I won't go there.  Wh-what?!?  I have to?  No, that's too dangerous, you told me so before!

NO!  Mother, why aren't you listening to me?  Would you STOP that??  I can't do that yet, remember?  Besides, I'm hungry, Mother!  Why didn't you bring me any food?  Ss-sst-stop please... whoa, be careful, Mother, I almost fa--

(shrieking) Aaaaaah!!!! Helpppp!!!!  Help me, I'm falling!!! 

(swooshing sound)  Oh thank YOU, God!  Thank goodness you're good at flying, Mother!  You saved me!!  I would've died if you hadn't caught me!  Please take me home now... I want my nest!

Ah, there it is!  Home sweet home.  Boy, what was that all about??  Can I go back to sleep now?  No, no, no... what are you doing, Mother?  Stop pushing me!  Why are you doing this?? Oh no, not again... Wait, did you do that on purpose the first time?!?  What's wrong with you, st-sto...

(shrieking) Aaaaah!!!! Helpppp!!!  You want me to what??  I can't, I can't fly!!  Oh God, oh God, I AM moving my wings, Mother!!!  Nooo, I'm still falling... Help, somebody help!!!

(swooshing sound)  Mother, thank God you've come to your senses!  Please don't let me go!  Yes, I want to go home!  It's much safer up there... and I'm hungry. 

Just drop me off at the nest, will you, Mother?  We'll just forget this ever happens, ok?  Oh no, not again!!!

(shrieking)  What the...?!?  Fine, you want me to fly?  I'll show you 'fly'!!!  See... see... I'm already moving my wings, but I can't fly!  I'll soon die and it's all gonna be your fault, Mother!  I'm SO gonna... hey, HEY, lookie here... I'm not falling... Am I... Mother, I'm flying!  I'm flying!!!!

Lesson learned.

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