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Monday, October 3, 2011

5 True Blogging Stories That Make Me Go 'Ugh'

Since I started my blog in March 2011, I have enjoyed my time as a blogger.  I've met incredible people I wouldn't have known otherwise, been a part of some of the most hilarious conversations in my life, even got teary-eyed and/or bawled whenever I came across inspiring and heart-wrenching posts.

However, I'm not going to lie to you and say that blogging is all about roses and blooms.  Because honestly, there were times when it stank.  

Here are 5 sad-but-true stories, taken from Sweaty's very own personal Black Book, that depict some of the ugly side of blogging:

1)  I sent a tweet to one of my twitter followers, commenting on what she tweeted earlier.  I saw that she was in fact quite chatty at the time, her tweets were all over my Hootsuite.  I waited for her to tweet me back.  Nothing.  10 minutes has passed (not that I was counting), but hm, still nothing.  And it wasn't as if she went offline, because her tweets kept appearing on my screen.  Ever the curious, I then checked to see who she's conversing with, because it's quite obvious from her tweets that she was trying to keep (what appeared to me to be an increasingly boring) conversation going with whomever was on the other end.  Turned out this twitter f*cker was tweeting with some big shot blogger.  What the *toot*???

Don't you know that it's so rude to ignore a twitter that's obviously addressed to you, by someone whom YOU followed and had followed you back in return?  And here's some news for ya: you can stop trying to be funny, because you're not. 
2)  Okay, I get that some people were actually trying to be supportive by retweeting my tweets.  Not only do I appreciate the gesture, I love it whenever people do that!  A little advice though, could you at least read my tweet before you retweet it?  It's only 140 characters at most.  Because when you retweet my tweet, telling people to go check out my blog, it kinda beats the purpose when the link that's there isn't even mine.

Here is an example:

Awkward much?

3)  When you decide to participate in a blog hop, especially one that you regularly link up with every week, the least you can do is to follow your hosts.  Seriously, people.  It's common courtesy.  You can get away with it once or twice.  I'll give you that.  But when I see your name in my blog hop every friggin' week and you still haven't followed me, that's just plain rude.

4)  I realize that there are a zillion other blogs out there, all competing for your time to read and comment on.  I'm also aware that Do Sweat the Small Stuff may not be number one on your reading list, and that's ok.

What's NOT ok is this: you are a newbie blogger who has somehow gotten the delusion that Sweaty is a big shot blogger.  So you decide to go out of your way to charm Sweaty (tweeting and retweeting her posts, commenting on all of her posts, sending the whole arsenal of hashtags and +Ks).  After awhile, you find out that Sweaty's not as big-shot of a blogger as you previously thought.  So then you pretend that there's no way in hell have you ever known somebody named Sweaty or a blog called Do Sweat the Small Stuff.

If you can't help being a kiss-asser, please do it SUBTLY. 

5)  A while ago, a bloggy friend of mine (who shall not be named) and I were chatting online when the topic of 'flattery' came up.  While I understand that networking goes hand in hand with blogging, the lengths to which some people go to in order to be associated and noticed by some of the big names never ceased to amaze me.  Now I'm sure that those who have 'made' it to the top of the hierarchy are there because they have proven themselves worthy and deserving of their success.  I've read many posts by the supposedly "big" names, and some were so brilliant they really did blow my mind away.

BUT... I've also read some posts by those same people that, to be honest, were just plain crap.  And that's understandable, considering that we are all human.  We have good days and sh*tty days, and we all know how difficult it is to even come up with something on those sh*tty days.  Hence, the crap.

What my friend (who shall not be named) and I couldn't understand though, was how such a crappy post done by some big shot blogger could get hundreds of responses filled with praises and declarations of love, and yet a thoroughly well-written post done by some unknown blogger barely get the recognition it deserves.  The same applies to lame jokes.  There were times when I was drawn to a twitter conversation because so-and-so was tweeting "OMG, I'm falling of my chair/ROTF/LMAO/peeing in my pants."  Always interested in hearing a good joke, I went to check what it was this tweep was referring to, only to find out that some big shot's son or daughter sh*t in their pants.  It's a bummer, I tell ya.

Have any true blogging stories that make you go 'ugh'? 


  1. Oh Sweaty there are lots of reason I adore you, but this post....tops the list!!! AMEN! May I tweet it and a** kiss for you today? You're one of my favorite big shot bloggers ;) I feel the same ways sometimes. Sure we need to network and butter each other up, support is the key to blogging but there are some bloggers I refuse to read/follow , I don't care how big they are, they do not interest or entertain me at all.

    (this post is your shining moment Sweaty!!!)

  2. Oh, sh*t…you're not a big shot blogger? *sigh*

    Well, my lips were getting chapped anyway ;-)

  3. Doood you're reading my mind!! Especially about the content part! I think it has to do with them being all over the interwebs commenting and interacting so no one says "hey, you write like poo"
    And if they did it would be mean.


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