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Friday, October 7, 2011

Why I'm Losing My Mind (A Guest Post by Bernie of One Mixed Bag)

Here today, is one of my best bloggy buddies, Bernie.  I came across her blog, One Mixed Bag, not long after I started mine.  This was the first thing that I saw on her site:
And right there and then I knew I was going to like whoever owned that blog.  I mean, how many people would put THAT image as their blog header and badge?  I quickly read her 'About Bernie' page and then a few of her posts.  Instantly I was hooked.

If there is one person whose heart just shines through, overflowing with kindness and sincerity, it's Bernie.  Just read her posts and you'll see what I mean.  No pretense, just honest, straight-forward goodness.  Like me, Bernie likes to write about simple, everyday things.  Reading her posts are like having a sleepover with your bestie where you'd chat the whole night long about nothing and everything, in your comfiest sweatpants, t-shirt, and no bra.  She's funny without even trying, loyal unlike any others, and helpful in ways that always, ALWAYS exceeded my expectations.

Bernie lives in Billings, Montana, with her lovely husband, Mr. Bernie.  They have a dog named Miss Scoobie and three cats: Captain Luke, Abby, and Gwynnie.  She is obsessed with handbags and all things Halloween; hence all her the funky stuff you'd find at her home, like this bloody Kitchen-Aid (which kicks ass, if I may say so myself), her Cabana boy Gunther (whom I'm increasingly fond of), and her amazing Budugalee cards.

There's never a day since I've started blogging that I didn't think of Bernie.  She always made me smile.  So you could imagine how I felt when she agreed to guest-post for me, not once, but twice!  Yes, twice!!  Ecstatic just didn't describe it.  I was completely floored!  So here is the first guest-post from Bernie!  Take it away, Bern...

Why I'm Losing My Mind
by Bernie of One Mixed Bag

Hi, Ms. Sweaty's fans.  My name is Bernie from the blog One Mixed Bag.  I adore Ms. Sweaty as I'm sure the rest of you do.  She makes me laugh almost to the point of peeing at times.  She also can tug on my heart strings and make me get a bit teary.  Not to mention all the emotions in between.

When she asked me if I would mind doing a guest post I must admit I was leery.  After all she did one of the most kick ass guest posts, EVER on my blog.  You can read it here.  I really have no way to top that or to even come close.

I'm slowly loosing my mind, which is making writing anything amusing or enlightening difficult.  For some reason I signed up to be in a craft fair.  I don't know what in the hell possessed me.  I'm not a drinker, so I can't claim I was drunk.  I don't do drugs, so I can't claim the drugs made me do it.  I agreed to do this around my "special time of the month."  So maybe it was the Midol and chocolate that clouded my thinking. 

I have only been crafting since January of this year.  It was almost like a dare from another blogger.  I set up my own Etsy shop this summer.  Again, no idea what possessed me.  The shop name is Budugalee.  Say it slowly and out loud.  I'll wait.  Yes, it means exactly how it sounds.  When I got started crafting I was looking for a name.  I told Mr. Bernie, "I know my stuff is going to be Butt Ugly. What should I name it?"  Hence Budugalee was born.  Which is how I ended up doing a craft show.

Its a toss up as to which will cause me to loose my mind first.  The fact I need to get a bunch of cards made, but have no idea how many.  Sitting around watching Judge Judy is not helping to get them done.  Yet, there I sit.  The fact I'm making some cool chalkboard skulls, but don't know how many I need.  I might want to add some other things, but DON"T KNOW HOW MANY I WILL NEED!  Do you see a theme here?

As if that wasn't bad enough, my husband, Mr. Bernie, is helping drive the crazy train.  If he tells me one more time how much money he thinks I should take in on my FIRST ever craft fair, I will lay down and cry or stab him in the eye.  Its a toss up.  When I ask his thoughts on the matter he throws out figures of money.  When I ask about how many items I should have ,he says things like, "Well Bernadette, your banner cost this amount, your booth rental is this amount, blah, blah, blah."  I hate math, so this is not helpful at all.  I want touchy feely ideas of amounts needed.  Heck, I have to bring a calculator to make change for people.  This means I'm not doing a running total in my head of costs.  Mr. Bernie has that covered and reminds me on a semi daily basis my running total.  Such a helper bee.

I figure if someone buys anything, even a card, I will be way ahead.  I will have to refrain from humping their leg in gratitude for buying from my table.  "Oh, thank you so much!! You like me, you really like me!!"  I think it might startle a buyer so I will try not to do that.  It will be in the back of my head.  I want people to like my stuff enough to buy something.  Heck, I'm willing to sell my bra if someone wants it.  Yet, its not homemade and the elastic is saggy, who would want it?  Its not the money, though that is nice.  Its more the idea that I'm a big crafty girl and make ok stuff.

Wish me luck.  Should I survive between now and Saturday, it will be a miracle.

You can find Bernie at her blog: One Mixed Bag
Or at her One Mixed Bag Facebook Page
And she tweets too:!/OneMixedBag

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