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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Because I Didn't Think With My Head

This is a "poem," written by Miss Chatterbox that I think (!) was based on this song:

Once I caught a fish alive
But then I let him go again
Oh why did you let him go
Because he bit my finger so...


Once I buy a bag I like
Then I sell it again.
Why did you sell it?
Because it didn't match my dress.
Why did you buy the dress before the bag in the same day?
Because I didn't think with my head.

By: Little Miss Chatterbox

I have a strong feeling that she's writing about me.

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  1. Oh my god...Gio and Jacob sing that song all the time..with the hand motions....soooo cute!

    You know you just always buy another purse...or another!!!!!

    Love Miss Chatterbox, she is mighty talented!!!!!

  2. That is incredibly insightful.
    The more I read about your child the more scared of her I am.

  3. oh my! that is great!! made me smile :) what a smarty!


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