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Sunday, October 16, 2011

We Heart London (Part 1)

Here are some pictures we took while in London...

We woke up every morning to this...
Miss Chatterbox sittin' pretty at Helene Darroze, the Connaught Hotel.
Miss Chatterbox did 'incognito' very well
It's butter!!!  The server slicing some salted and unsalted butter for every table.
Apparently Miss Chatterbox was fascinated by the butter.
Salted and Unsalted Butter
Foie-Gras and Truffle Emulsion
Can't beat THAT table manner!
Chocolate Ganache--OMG this was so yummy!
Lemon Pannacotta
Miss Chatterbox and Sweaty: Ladies Who Lunched! LOL
Miss Chatterbox at Hamley's Toy Store

Shopping for candies...

I want candy!!!

A cup bowl of cappuccino at Harrod's

Map of Harrods - we could really get lost in there

Our hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

London Eye and House of Parliament
By the River Thames
London Eye and Tower of London Pier

Navy War Ship at the Thames

Oo warning!  Why did this remind me of a certain someone? ;)
I think Mr. LA would fit here nicely, don't cha think? lol

Tower of London
The Queen's Robe-Maker at Saville Row

Saville Row, famous for its tailors.
Miss Chatterbox knackered... at the end of the day


  1. Wow! These pictures are amazing!
    I'm glad you got away and ate your faces off! Xo

  2. Wow I definitely need to visit London someday!! Looks like you both had a fantastic trip thanks for sharing your photos. I especially love the Mr. La caption at the traitor gate lol

  3. Looks like an amazing trip. I just caught up some on your blog...I hope you're doing okay!


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