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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing Dress Up

This week's RemembeRed prompt: With Halloween approaching, many of us are revisiting fond memories of trick-or-treating, favorite candy, and parties. For Tuesday, reach back to a costume that made an impression. Was it yours? A friend’s? Maybe it was a costume you never got to wear. Show it to us with your words, draw us into the emotions it evoked at the time.  Word limit is 400.

One minute we were Sweaty, Lips, and Mouthy; the next, we were Queen of Hearts, Pink Pirate, and Red Riding Hood.  Bought just days earlier, the costumes were corny, not to mention a little slutty.   Compliments of last minute shopping for the Halloween.

"I can't believe I'm wearing this sh*t," Mouthy said as she tied the cherry-red cape around her neck.

Lips had just finished wriggling her legs into a pair of black tights.  “Whew,” she puffed.  She took one look at Mouthy and burst out laughing.

"What?" Mouthy demanded.

"What’s a Playboy sign doin’ on your cape?" Lips chuckled.

"What the f*ck?!?  Did you see this?!?" Mouthy pointed to the small white bunny emblem on her cape that we didn't notice before.

We looked like a couple of boffos.  Hands still shaking from mirth, I attempted to draw a perfect heart shape on my lips with a bright red lip liner.

"Dang, my armpits are sweating.  Where’s the deodorant?" Lips took off her velvet pirate coat.  It was bubblegum pink with gold trimmings and white lace on the collar and sleeves.  A criss-cross of gold ribbons decorated the front.

"Mouthy, your boobs are about to pop out of your corseted top. How do you manage to make every outfit look x-rated?" Lips chuckled.

"Shut up, Lips," Mouthy replied then looked at herself in the mirror.  "Sheeeeit, we look like skanks.  Sweaty, I'm SO blaming you for making us do this!"

We howled again.

"Come on, it's fun... Besides, I'm wearing this... um, milkmaid slash Queen of Hearts costume ain’t I?  You’re not the only ones who’re embarrassing yourselves," I giggled.

Two black arches now covered my natural eyebrows.  The same shade of deep sky blue as my dress rimmed my eyes.  I’ve drawn lines below my eyes, the same way circus clowns did theirs, to resemble eyelashes.  At the corner of my left eye were two black tears, shaped like upside-down hearts.

"How do I look?" Mouthy asked.

Her short dress, white covered with red lace, resembled a piece of lingerie more than a Halloween costume.  The white legging she wore toned it down a bit, but she still looked like Hugh Hefner's version of Red Riding Hood.

Lips grabbed the camera as Mouthy pretended to curtsy.  They took turns posing in front of the camera.

"Sweaty, you done yet? Get your butt over here!!" Mouthy yelled.

Adjusting my wig to fit more securely on my head, I paused to savor the moment.  I heard the clicking of the camera accompanied by flash lights.  Lips and Mouthy chortling like a couple of school kids high on sugar.  I was happy.

"Coming!" I answered.


  1. I was smiling while reading it, just caught up in the nervous excitement of friends dressing up...even as young adults. Bet that was a FUN evening!!!! Xo

  2. How fun to laugh at ourselves and to make the best out of every situation! What fun friends you have. And what a fun memory you shared- made me smile too!


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