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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ten Things You Should Never Ask Your Spouse

Ten Things You Should Never Ask Your Spouse 
(Or Maybe It's Just Mr. LA*)

10) While I prepared the baby, would you help me set up the diaper bag, love?
Most likely outcome: the diaper bag would be filled with all the things you DON'T need.

9) Did you remember___ , back when we were still going out?
Most likely outcome: he doesn't remember, and you'd be pissed off.

8) Honeybun, which color would suit me best?
Most likely outcome: if he knows the answer, believe me, you'd soon start wondering whether or not he really isn't playing for the other team.

7) What's your sexual fantasy?
Most likely outcome: do your really want to open the Pandora's box?  Yeah, I don't think so.

6) Why are your um, 'feet' so... small?
Most likely outcome: would you like it if your hubby tells you your vagina's too large?

5) During sex: Sorry hun, could you perhaps finish off quickly?  I kinda want to pee.
Most likely outcome: sudden erectile dysfunction, followed by possible midlife crisis. 

4) Who's prettier?  Me or her?
Most likely outcome: do you really want to know the honest answer?

3) Would you prove your undying love for me by buying me that diamond on the window?
Most likely outcome: he really doesn't love you that much, and then you'd be heartbroken.

2) Darlin', isn't tomorrow *your* birthday?
Most likely outcome: let the man thinks he's still 21, will ya?

1) Do you love me?/ You cheatin'? Again?
Most likely outcome: it's a no brainer, really.

*  For those of you who's here for the first time (since this is the first time ever I am linking up at Mama Kat's), Mr. LA is FYI my husband.  In a nutshell, five months ago he told me he might be having a midlife crisis.  A few weeks later, he wanted a divorce and confessed that he has not loved me for a good portion of our twelve years together.  Me, always the masochist, insisted we could work things out.  The verdict is still out, at the moment.  Please don't feel bad for me.  This is just some background info.  Feel free to laugh at my post! :) 

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