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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Want It in COLOR!!! - "This is Me" Meme Gone Awry

Date: 15th April 2011
Time: 10:43 am
Last blog post: 3 hours ago
Comments on last blog post: 3
Title of last blog post: "5 Question Friday" (it's a blog hop. Over a hundred entries. Yep, 3 comments).

Duh.  Obviously, I was in a grumpy mood.  So I decided to check out other blogs that some friends had recommended to me earlier, which was NOT a good idea, because they turned out to be great blogs, and they have, like, gazillion followers, which then made me feel even more unworthy and wanted to commit a blog harakiri.

Ok, so here was where stupid does what stupids do.  One of the blogs I visited was Good Day, Regular People, otherwise known as the Empress' blog.  Uh huh, now you're starting to understand the depth of my stupidity.  For those who doesn't know what I'm talking about, go check out her blog.  It's awesome. 

Anyways, I came across one of her posts titled It's Everywhere - Baby E Post, and thought, what a marvelous idea!  It was a cute meme where you ask your child to draw a picture of you. Here's what you do:
  • Ask your child to draw a picture of you. It doesn’t matter how old they are…
  • Post the picture on your blog
  • Call it the ‘This is Me Meme
  • Go here and add your cartoon likeness to the linky.
Easy enough, right?  So with a renewed sense of purpose, I decided that's what I was going to do right now.

I called my 6 year-old daughter, and relayed this simple instruction to her: "Babygirl, could you draw a picture of Mommy?"  Like a good girl that she was (fine, she did look at me curiously in the beginning), she immediately went on her way to accomplish this task.  By now, I was quite excited already; I couldn't wait to see the beautiful masterpiece that was about to unfold before my eyes.

Wait a minute... Why only a pencil and an eraser?  No colored pencils?  Hmm... 

"Sweetheart, where's your colored pencils?" I tried to hint. BIG hint there as you can see.
"I'm going to use pencil, Mommy, so in case I made a mistake I can erase it."
I thought to myself, that made sense, she wanted to make it as nice as possible.  Aw, this was gonna be great!  

12 minutes and 32 seconds later...
Whaaaaaaaaat?  Holy shitake, that's not how I looked like!?!  That's Adolf Hitler!  With long eyelashes!  And what's with the black and white?  Why no color??

Classic, neurotic me.

This was SO not my day.  At least she can make it in color!!!  Yeah, that must be it.  Color was what it needs.  I. WANT. COLOR!!!!!

I tried to be reasonable about this, but as you know, reasonable is NOT my middle name.  It's never been my middle name.  So I sulked.

I sulked, and sulked, and sulked.  Until it was time for my daughter to go to sleep.  As she was about to kiss me goodnight, I finally blurted it out, "But I want color!!!"  She looked at me and I knew that she knew,yep, mommy's having one of her "episodes."

"I tried my best, Mommy.  I really did."

"But why is it not in color?  I want color!"  Still sulking.

She looked at me and was quiet for a moment.  I shifted uncomfortably on my seat, on one side realizing my own absurdity, not giving a crap on the other.  Of course my stunted maturity-side won.  So I sulked some more.

My daughter suddenly went to her room, grab her colored pencils and a piece of paper, and started drawing.  Oh hell, only then did I start to feel really bad about the whole thing.  What the fug was I doing?  This was supposed to be fun.  Why was I giving my daughter such a hard time?  I was ashamed, truly and wholly ashamed!  As I saw her on her knees, drawing on the coffee table what I was sure of was for me, I  wanted to cry.  Still, I didn't stop her.  I was too proud to admit I was being childish.  What a mess!  Thank goodness my husband was out late with his friends; otherwise he'd probably refuse to talk to me for a whole week knowing what I had just done.

9 minutes 18 seconds later...
My daughter brought what she had just drawn to me.  It was a "rainbow butterfly."  It was a butterfly drawn on a small pink paper, this time she made sure she put colors.  There was not a space in there that wasn't colored.  Smart girl.

She said to me, "I'm sorry, Mommy.  I didn't think I could draw your face nicely, so I used a pencil.  But if you want colors, here I just draw you what I know I could draw best.  It's a pretty butterfly.  This, I could make in colors."

Boo hoo hooo... harakiri here I come!

I wish I could write a better post about this, but hey, this IS me.  That is exactly what makes the Empress' blog hers, and what makes my blog mine.  Not that I'm comparing (yeah right, get me some life, people!!!).  So I guess this is my "This Is Me Meme," and how it turned out to be more than just an eye-opening experience for me.  

Oh, and here comes the picture (folks, this is another good reason why you should take the Pledge, by the way).

Of course I can't resist posting how Daddy looked like, because the only thing that made me just a tad happier about this whole thing was how Daddy looked even worse than Mommy!  Ha, take THAT sucka!!!
And here is the peace-offering (very colorful and safe subject, can't you tell?)


  1. Wow, I think your daughter is incredibly talented (and I'm serious!). Drawing people is HARD. I am awesome with words and numbers but *creating* something out of noting with my actual hands and my lame-o left-brained brain? Not gonna happen. Tell your baby girl that some random (non-creepy) woman on the internet thinks all three of her drawings are superb.

    And, you are a really great mom. Just look at how honest and self-aware you are! And you actually TALKED to her. A lot of moms aren't and don't, and that is a true story.

  2. omg, i am crackin up right now! this is a funny post! your daughter really is a superb artist...well done!!! that butterfly is beautiful!

    ps. the comment above from dweej is lovely...she knows how to make a mommy feel good! and she is correct in saying that you are self aware. must be why i like you...because people who lack in self awareness are my biggest pet peeves!!!!

    oh, and if it makes you feel any better...i was just FEATURED as a SPOTLIGHT in a huge blog hop where it was REQUIRED to follow my blog...something like 130 entries.....a got about 15-20 followers out of it. DO THE RULES MEAN NOTHING TO THESE PEOPLE?!?! it's like they link up and then giggle to themselves while saying, "haha suckers!!!" some people are so friggn greedy! i think i am done with blog hops....i think...

  3. Awww, look at the purty pictures. I so want your eye lashes. You look like a baby doe. This post did crack me up. I'm not sure if I should have laughed or not, but I did.
    As for the blog hop thing, I HATE that. I have joined hops with oodles and oodles of people and one person stops by. *sniffle*
    Have a great Saturday!

  4. Aw, your babygirl is sweet as anything! The picture of you, is pretty good for a 6 year old. I'm nearly 35 and I can't draw nearly as well. I wish my Monkey could draw. All he does is draw lines, bah.

    Blog hops? They suck the soul out of you. Especially the cut and paste, follow me I follow you messages. Those make me want to reach out and throttle their virtual throats. But I took the pledge, so I won't.

    Happy weekend!

  5. Aww you girls are just the sweetest!!! Thanks, Dweej, Tenetia, Bernie, and Alison!

    This momma here is definitely done with hops (or until there's one that can guarantee people following me or otherwise their blogs will self-destruct).

    Will pass your compliments to Ms.Chatterbox (that's what I'm gonna call my daughter from now on--Everybody else seems to have a nickname for their young uns, I'm starting to feel a bit left out).

    HUGS to you all my lovely ladies!

  6. Oh what a sweet little girl you have. I think she did a great job. Your posted cracked me up. I would have sulked too.
    I love your blog the way it is, You just wait girl you are going to get tons of followers.

  7. Sulking is so charming...I am such a sulk sometimes. And I happen to differ with you on the is rather Katie Perry with those eyelashes and wow, what big thoughts you must have in that head. For me, when I am a wreck, I hear what a wonderful older woman friend told me once-When I show my kids something other than a sunny me- I give them the experience of a range of moods from which to reside in. I hope you come by my blog is ever so nice and not at all fancy. xo S

  8. This was a great post!! Your daughter is so sweet. Don't be too hard on yourself about the blog hop--I did a couple and I almost felt dirty. Like a blog slut. I figure I'll write what/how I want and if people like it, great. If not, oh well. Easier said than done b/c I know I'll pout for a while too.

    Donut's Mama

  9. I think the pictures are lovely. Also, just relax! <-- Coming from someone with much lower "numbers," but not overly-concerned about it. Hang in there!

  10. Cool idea, glad I found it here on your blog. You are lovely, although that butterfly really rocks.

  11. My little monkey just drew a pic for me.

    Sorry, I am in colour, although I apparently have one spider hand and another with sausage fingers.


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