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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Happy Ending

This week's Red Writing Hood prompt is to spread a little joy and write about happy endings.  Obviously, I sucked big time, as you can see from my friend's Shanimals' Crackers' comment below.  LOL.

I waited for him in the rain, beneath the sequoia tree.  With my eyes closed and my hands locked in prayer.  He told me he's leaving on a trip to no-man's land; who knew when--if--he's coming back.

There was the sun, and then the moon.  But it kept on raining where I stood.  Beneath the sequoia tree, where last he said goodbye.  Away he went, without a backward glance, on a trip to no-man's land.

Love stood by, but he kept on walking.  He had forgotten, you see.  About our sequoia tree.  That's why, he said, "don't wait for me.  Let's say goodbye, for it's dawn, and I'm gone to no-man's land."

But I knew the day would come when Thy Will be done.  He'd still be gone but I won't want.  Where wings would fly and send me high.  Above, beyond our sequoia tree, that's where I'd be.

Gone, into my promised land.

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