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Thursday, June 23, 2011

F*ck, I've Lost My Writing Mojo

Let me be honest with you.  Lately I've felt like I've lost my writing mojo.  I had no desire to write, nor felt any inspiration that could motivate me.  Many times I just stared at the blank screen before me, wishing for a struck of genius to smack me in the head, to no avail.  There were also times when I've written four or five paragraphs of something, only to click on Ctrl A then Delete because they were f*cking rubbish.  

Among those that got deleted:
  •  My Mom Had a Crush on My Doctor... What the Hell? (quit that mid writing)
  • F*ck You Midlife Crisis! (too much expletives)
  • The First Time I Got Really Drunk (lame-O)
  • My Sex Life Sucked (what's new?)
  • My Nemenis Married My Cousin and Befriended My Sister-in-Law (too Jerry Springer-ish)
  • I Tried Writing Prompts but I'm Too Stupid to Understand What I'm Supposed to Do (I think the title says it all)
So what have I been doing with my blogging time?
  • Watched "Megamind" with my 6 year-old daughter and surprisingly laughed my ass off through the whole movie.
  • Watched "Adjustment Bureau" alone and bawled because I thought it was one of the most romantic love story ever.
  • Went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned just because.
  • Listened to Black Eyed Peas' "Never Get Enough" and put it on repeat for at least 50 times.
  • Attempted to make crepes, but stopped once I bought the ingredients.
  • Participated in as many blog hops as possible.  Minimal writing, people.
  • Stalked other people's blogs to check on how many followers they have, and then spent the next few hours feeling bad for myself.
  • Snacking non-stop.
  • Answered every single one of my blackberry messenger when normally I'd either ignore or deleted them instantly.
  • Trying not to cry whenever I see my laptop.
  • Uncharacteristically happy when hubby came home from work; I had an excuse not to write my blog.
  • Contemplated on trying some weeds and other drug paraphernalia--my imagination tend to run wild whenever I'm uninspired.
  • Took naps at unlikely times just to avoid writing a post.
What do you do when writing eludes you?  (For those who never experience this...f*ck you! Nah, just kidding...I'm just f*cking jealous!!! Can't you tell?!?)

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