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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Genius Mind Came Up with This

Hey, you know what...  This had just occurred to me, like five minutes ago, as I was washing my hands.  Well, it's not the kind that would make Mr. Archimedes shouted "EUREKA!" or anything like that, but I thought my little "enlightenment" could be useful to some of you.

So here it goes (drum rolls please): do you know that the type of dispenser your hand soap comes in can save you money???

Yep, that's it.  That's what I just discovered! Yayy!!!  (If this is not news to you, just suck it in and let me have my one-minute of glory, okayyy?  Jeez, people could be so mean nowadays).  

I noticed this because I just bought a new bottle of hand soap to replace another that's almost finished.  Both from the same brand (Duane Reade) and had the same amount of contents (221ml), but just different in their packaging style (lol). 

The older one (the clear one in the picture), was far more economical because whenever I pressed on the dispenser, the pump felt more snug (more airtight?) than the newer one.  It gives you more control on the amount you want to use per pressing the dispenser.  The newer one (the yellowish one in the picture) automatically squirted too-much soap whenever you press the dispenser.  

So unless you're one of those "you-won't-believe-how-unhappy-my childhood-was-and-that's-why-I'm-THIS-anal" people, who would purposely remember to apply just an itty tiny bitty pressure on the dispenser every time you wash your hands, you might want to get a hand soap that has a good, snug pump so that it doesn't squirt more soap than you need per hand wash. 

Take charge of your hand soap.  Don't let it control you!!!

PS: seriously, I really have nothing better to do right now than to write a whole post about hand soaps.

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