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Monday, August 22, 2011

Miss Chatterbox Strikes Again

I've always been the kind of person who eats, instead of not eat, whenever I'm stressed out.  In my wardrobe (and the general areas around it, which include boxes, laundry basket, storage, hidden corners, Miss Chatterbox's playroom, rags' closet etc.), you'd find three different sizes that would correspond to my state of mind at the time.  
Duh, of course I'll take the burger!

For the sake of my ego (ahem I'm NOT letting you know of my actual sizes, and yes, I'm THAT vain), let's call them: Small, Medium, and Large.  

So in the past few months, heck yeah, I've been gaining a few pounds here and there.  And went up a size or two... or three.  Fine, fine, right now I'm wearing all my Large size clothes, ok?  My munching activities have shot through the roof in response to recent crisis in the marriage area, and obviously sitting on my booty writing posts and reading all of your fantastic writing out there have not helped.  

Lucky me, I'm fashionably prepared.  I have my reserve pile of Medium Large clothes and have moved it (once again) to the forefront of my closet.  Oh, by the way, here's a tiny fashion tip: those loose-fitting silk-crepe pants that have elastic waists from the current 'I-borrowed-these-from-my-boyfriend' trend work wonders and could save you lots of money.  They are very accommodating to any kind of sudden weight gain/loss because they can practically fit up to three sizes.  Of course they are no longer loose-fitting now--more like, um, tight and body hugging--but hey, that's not the point, ok?

Anyways, I was in the middle of getting dressed the other day, when Miss Chatterbox came into my room.  We were going out for lunch.  I was putting on one of my Phillip Lim's elastic-waist silk pants, one I know for sure would fit my size at the moment (thereby saving me from meltdowns that occurred whenever I put on something that couldn't fit) and still give me the look (and illusion) like I hadn't gained a pound.

Okay, here's a little insight about Miss Chatterbox for you.  She's a girly girl who thinks I've got great taste in fashion.  She would compliment me on my outfits and tell me "You sure look great, Mommy."  

That was, until now.

Here's what she said upon seeing me standing there, feeling very confident in my Philip Lim's pants:  "Um, that pants sure look... relaxing, Mommy."  

Wait. A. Minute.  'Relaxing'?  What's THAT supposed to mean??  I was aiming for chic and slim look, NOT a 'relaxing' look!  Whatever that meant, 'relaxing' just didn't sound too complimentary.  Especially coming from Miss Chatterbox.  Who used to say a lot of 'great's.  And 'great' was not the same as 'relaxing,' no matter how much anyone would try to argue with me. 

Now, perhaps other (wiser, more mature, emotionally-balanced) moms would know not to take their barely-seven-years-old children's comments too personally.  But of course I wasn't those moms.  Have you read my post I Want It in COLOR!!! - "This is Me" Meme Gone Awry ?  Need I say more??

I hate to admit it now, but that little cheeky thingy who happens to be my daughter was right.  I do need to lose weight.  I can't be in denial forever.  I have to get back to exercising regularly and not indulge in too much sugar.  I need to move my body more, and by that I don't mean just my fingers.

Gah, I hate it when Miss Chatterbox is right!!!

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  1. Aw lol atleast she's helping to motivate! The other day my daughter said to her auntie ur belly is big! Now if that's not being blunt & honest I don't know what is. I guess I need to teach her how to filter what u say ( but she's only 2. So might take awhile)


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