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Monday, August 29, 2011

He's So Vain, He Would Think This Post is NOT About Him

Just a quick post today, which would mostly be about Mr. LA (aka Mr. Lame-Ass, aka my midlife-crazed husband).  

Yep, that's the guy who bought a new SUV with a kick-ass engine a few months ago without telling me.  The same dude who then told me he wanted to get a divorce a month later.  The one I chose to stay married to despite his lame-ass-ness, because I still loved him.

How's that for a quick recap, huh? 

Sooo... when most of the people in the East Coast were dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Irene, my husband was dealing with a crisis of his own, for which he went under the knife earlier today.  Unfortunately, for a reason I'm quite ashamed to say.  

Pure vanity.  

This morning he just got a procedure done to remove his eyebags.  Yes, you read correctly.  Eyebags, people.  We actually went to one of those Dr. 90210s and got his 'problem' fixed.  Not that this is a common thing among our friends or anything like that.  I think he's probably the only (or at least the first) man that I know who's had something like this done.

Sorry, I forgot, did I mention that he's having a midlife crisis?

Anyways, to make the long story short, now that he's just fresh from the operating table, Mr. LA will be going through a period of recovery that would last between one to two weeks.  Until then, his lower eye lids are stitched up, his upper face areas swollen like he'd been beaten to a pulp, making him look a lot like Frankenstein except this one's in boxer shorts.  I have to help him apply three different types of eyedrops on an hourly basis and remind him to take his plastic-bag-full of post-surgery medications.  I would also serve as his chauffeur and make sure he's comfortable enough.  At least for the next few days.  Yes, happy, happy days!

Tomorrow, a friend of mine, who is dear to my heart, will be guest-posting on my blog.  I am humbled, not to mention damn lucky, to have her write for me.  Her posts are ALWAYS original, witty, hilarious to boot, AND insightful.  The sky's the limit for this superwoman reincarnate.  

So please, please make sure you come back tomorrow to read her post here.  She is AMAZING.  Truly one in a million. 

Now, wish me luck (and a whole lotta patience) in the next few days, as I take care of Mr. Frankenstein LA in his endeavor to become one handsome, metrosexual (click here for the Urban Dictionary's definition) man.  



  1. Oh dear god!! Good luck!! XXOO

  2. Oh boy ha good luck hope all goes well for ya


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