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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are You Smarter Than a First Grader?

Every day, as part of her routine, Miss Chatterbox brings home two or three books of her choice from her class' bookshelf.  We would then read the books together after dinner--well, she reads, and I'm supposed to be helping her with whatever words she's having trouble with.

Last night, we were in the middle of reading, Hello Kitty: Best Friends, when suddenly my daughter commented on something that she was on one of the pages.

Okay, here is the scene that we were looking at, at the time.  What do you see?


It's cute, isn't it?  Sweet, harmless, a bit on the girly side (then again, it's Hello Kitty!), and its message "Shower the ones you love with kindness," is a good one.  Nothing out of the ordinary, really. 

My sentiments exactly.  But then, as I was about to turn over the page, Miss Chatterbox stopped me and said, "Wait, wait, Mommy.  I wanna show you something."

"Okay," I said.  Translation: What is it this time?  Can we possibly move any slower here?? I've got to get back to my blogging!

She then pointed her finger at Hello Kitty (it's the one on the left wearing a pink ribbon, by the way) and said, "Why are they eating cupcakes when they're about to go to sleep?"

Oh yeah, good one.  Didn't see that before.

On second thoughts... That's right, why would Hello Kitty and whoever-the bunny-name-is be eating in the first place, when they are clearly already dressed for bedtime, and at such a late hour (see the moon and the stars on the window?)?!?  And seriously, cupcakes???  Could it be any 'healthier'???  And three cupcakes, I repeat, THREE, when there are only two of them?  Where's the sharing in that??? 

Ok, obviously I have a tendency to dwell excessively on the details.  Which I would have missed if it weren't for Miss Chatterbox asking me the question about the cupcakes.  And why is it that I'm in awe with her ability to do so?  She's already a friggin' mini version of me!!!  Eeeek.... 

Anybody else saw that cupcake thingy?

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  1. Good point, three cupcakes, two of them? Doesn't make any sense to me either. Besides, they shouldn't be eating before going to bed.


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