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Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Heart London (Part 2)

Back in October, Miss Chatterbox and I went on a one-week holiday to London.  Here are some more pictures we have not shown you in Part 1 :)

London cabs waiting in front of Harrod's
The Pet Boutique at Harrods
Patisserie for Pets at Harrods
Treat your pets with cupcakes and truffles--all free of preservatives!
The Diana and Dodi memorial at Harrod's
At the lobby of the Claridge Hotel
Dinner for two at Gordon Ramsay's at Claridge's
Inside the restaurant
Our server, presenting the famous Beef Wellington
Now there were two!
Beef for two
Check out this flusher I found inside the restrooms in Claridge's

The prettiest toilet I've seen
Miss Chatterbox acting shy
Chocolate souffle was a must!

Lemon cake with caramelized pears

The epitome of afternoon tea - The Dorchester

There's something for everyone.  Liquor, anyone?
Enjoying the experience
Tea for Miss Chatterbox, Rosee Champagne for Mommy
Finger sandwiches
Sipping her 'pink' tea

Homemade jams
Sweet treats
Wouldn't be complete without the scones!
Just another end of the day in London...

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