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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On Friendship, by Miss Chatterbox

Yesterday, on November 8th, our lovely Miss Chatterbox turned 7 years old.  Since her birthday fell on a weekday, she will be celebrating it with her close friends this coming Sunday.  It was so cute that she chose fifteen of her closest friends--all girls (Thank YOU, Jesus for that! lol).

She has been wanting to have an intimate, "not-too-big (in her own words) tea-party" with her close friends at home.  At first I was a bit reluctant, considering all the whirlwind that has been happening around here.  But then I thought about how quickly time flies, and that soon, my little girl would probably not even want to celebrate her birthdays at home anymore.  So at the last minute (I know, bad Mommy!), I agreed that she could have that tea-party she has been wishing for.

Yesterday, while spending some quality time together in my study room, Miss Chatterbox asked if she could borrow my computer to type a post for Mommy's blog.  When I first read it, I was surprised at the topic she chose: friendship.  And I must say that I was quite impressed (yep, I was clearly being a proud mama here) with what she had to say.

So, I decided that I would 'borrow' her post and dedicate it to all my bloggy friends out there.  You know who you are.  I could not convey enough how much your friendships meant to me.  The comments that you have left on my recent posts, I've read over and over again.  They have given me strength and the love that I was so thirsty of during some of my lowest points.  Your tweets made me smile even at times when I felt that the last thing I wanted to do was smile.  The outpouring of emails and direct messages I had received from some of you, offering me shoulders to cry on, listening ears, precious times out of your busy schedules to let me know that you cared.  Even when I had been quite MIA lately, many of you continued to pay me a visit through my blog just to check on how I was doing.

I can't thank all of you enough for that.   And so... this post is for ALL of you, my dearest friends.  I love you even though we have never met.  I am now a believer that bloggy friends can be true friends in every sense of the word.  I think even Miss Chatterbox realized this, and I think in some ways that was why she decided to write this post for her Mommy's bloggy friends... 


A friend can be different but you can still be a friend.  Different house, parents, skins, countries, things... different.  EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT.

But remember you can always be a friend.  A friend can be bossy but you don't need to play with he or she.  You can play with another friend.  You have [the] freedom.  You have family time.  Do not let people boss you around.

Spend time with your family.  Have fun.  Have a big smile on your face.

See you soon,
With love, Little Miss Chatterbox

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  1. Oh how I love her and you Sweaty!!! Don't ever feel like you're alone...or that I don't see you. I do. I can only give you frienddship...we are differnet and far away but in my heart I'm standing next to you and holding ur hand. Miss Chatterbox is a smart cookie and a really wonderful girl with a big heart. You are lucky to have her to show u just how amazing, worthy and blessed you are even in this not so good time. I'm here, not leaving, you can lean this way. Xoxo


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