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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Seasoned Woman

I am a woman seasoned in love and heartbreaks.
I have had my share of admiring glances, overblown flattery, and love letters...
Of lingering phone calls, ostentatious bouquets, and gallant offers to take me home.

I know how it feels like to have my heart picked up its beat simply from setting sight on a beloved face.
To have electric currents running through my veins as the result of a single touch or close proximity.
To pass the day counting the hours and minutes until the next encounter.

I have tasted the pleasure of lovemaking... the tangling of two bodies in salty sweat and sweet caress.
Connected in a perfect fit where throbbing pain and ardent pleasure became one and the same. 
Taking turns to arouse, entice, and satisfy.

I am no stranger to griefs and heartaches...
Depression, regrets, and disappointments have left their marks on my mind.
My heart bears scars from loves lost, promises forgotten, and dreams that shattered. 

I am a woman seasoned in love and heartbreaks.
Who has witnessed her parents' divorce and is now staring at the end of her marriage.
Yet still believes in happy endings, prince charming, and a life well-lived.

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  1. That was unbelievable
    You take my breath away when you write!


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