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Monday, November 28, 2011

Don't Quit

Some days, no matter how long I stared at the computer screen, or how much I willed my mind to come up with something to write, I just could not do it.  I was never one to write a post quickly; even those that I considered 'spontaneous' were not really that spontaneous if you count the number of times I proofread and deleted 'things.'  I wished I could say that writing came naturally to me, but the reality was that I put a lot of time and efforts into my posts.

As a blogger among many, it could be quite challenging not to compare myself with others.  Of course I desired recognition!  I wished for more people to read and care about my writing!  I longed to make a difference and touched other people's lives with my words!  I heard of others' works being syndicated or published, and I wanted that for myself too!

There were times when I read posts written by other bloggers and honestly thought to myself, "These were crap!  How in hell did they ever get this famous?"    There were also times when I read posts by other bloggers and honestly thought to myself, "Holy sheeit, these would make my writing look like crap!  How in hell would I ever get famous?"  

You see, whichever way I saw it, I would end up feeling crappy and shitty.  Mostly about myself.  And before long, about life in general.  Predictably, it pretty much went downhill from there.

I have no other wisdom to spare but to repeat what others before me have said: "Remember why you started your blog in the first place."  This piece of advice might seem cliche, but I could not stress its importance enough.  I started mine because I love to write, and because I could communicate my feelings through written words better than verbally.  That was it.  No other agendas.  

Yet time and time again, I found myself worrying over things that have little to do with why I started my blog.  And when I did that, it robbed me of everything that was fun and pleasurable about writing.  Having a blog started to become a burden, filled with self-imposed deadlines and obligations.  Yeah, it felt like homework.  And who the heck on earth liked homework?

Sure, Sweaty, it's easy for you to say this because you have x number of followers, etc. etc....  Hey, I knew for a fact (believe me, I know) that there were other bloggers who started around the same time as me, who were now enjoying a much bigger audience and fame.  I have been blogging for close to nine months now, written over 190 posts, and not one has ever been syndicated (you're reading this, people in BlogHer?).  I have only written two guest posts so far, and to my knowledge, have none scheduled in the near horizon.  

Sure, Sweaty, you're a loser, so why should anybody listen to you?  Well, other than  I'm trying to save your arse from self-inflicted pain and agony (said in such a way, it really puts you in perspective, doesn't it?), it's because I have seen many talented, funny, interesting bloggers called it quit because of sentiments I mentioned above.  The same sentiments that plagued me and made me want to quit from time to time.  And I hated to see all those potential gone to waste. 

If  with this post, I could just persuade one blogger NOT to quit, I would feel like I have done my job.  Staring at the computer with a blank mind is alright and normal.  Go take a break from your blog and come back another day.  You have posts that you think were brilliant but had no comments?  So do I!  Don't judge yourself based on that, because not all of blogging is about brilliance in writing.  Trust me.  A lot of times it is more about your networking and the people whom you know.  Perseverance goes a long way.  Keep on writing, even if you think it is nothing but verbal diarrhea and word vomit.  What you consider as shit could very well be an inspiration for others (no kidding!). 

Always remind yourself why you started writing in the beginning.  That is your passion; do not let all the embellishments of blogging deviate you from that.  

In other words, just be you.


  1. BlogHer should syndicate this!!!! This is wonderful, honest, TRUE! I have been blogging for 6 years and I have nowhere near the FAME I wanted but the truth is that the community I found here is more imp to me than numbers or comments. I just want to know that the people who do read my stuff, like it, take it to heart, enjoy it. I don't ever want YOU to quit. You have a beautiful voice and words..keep using them!!!! Xoxo

  2. I love this! I've been blogging for almost two years. I started the blog just because I love to write. I wasn't concerned about followers or numbers, but I do admit I've gotten frustrated when people don't comment on some of my posts. But you are right. I can't let that get to me. I have to remember that I started blogging for myself and no one else.

  3. You said it perfectly.
    I often wonder how some have the fame they do and worry if I don't post one day if I'll lose followers.
    I have to give myself a reality check and remember I started the blog for ME
    Also? I've never been syndicated on BlogHer


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