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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mommy Don't Want to Go to Disneyland

A typical conversation between me and my 6 yr-old daughter:

6 yr-old Daughter: Mommy I want to go to Disneyland.
Me: No, noo, nooo I don't waaaant!
6 yr-old Daughter: Okay. I can go there next time then.

I guess it's obvious who's the mature adult here.


  1. YOU. ARE. AWESOME. i too, am usually categorized as a bi*ch upon first meetings, and I DO NOT cook, either, lol.

    looking forword to following your blog! thanks for following me too!


  2. Love your blog and thanks for following
    Following you back.

  3. Hahhahaa!
    ..and I love your Gucci Kids' Collection post. I would love for my little one to sport those *cute* rain boots!!!
    Following from Bloggy Moms. Looking forward to reading more!
    Stop by anytime and say hi! :)
    Carla at Mrs. NoNo Knows


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