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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another marriage bites the dust...

It wasn't too long ago a friend of mine told me, over a few shots of tequila and B52s, that she was getting a divorce.  Ah, the D word.  I personally think that there are four main reasons couples get a divorce (especially where I live): Infidelity, Money, Abuse (physical/emotional), In laws.
All around me, fellow couples are getting divorced.  Back in the days when I was a small kid, divorce were rarely heard of, my parents' being one of the rare cases.  Oh, infidelity happens too, it's just that it didn't seem to be considered a ground strong enough for a divorce.  My society didn't condone it, but we've definitely tolerated male infidelities more often than not, judging from the low number of divorce back then.

Today, however, is a different story.  Young couples with 3-5 years of marriage divorce as easily as breaking up a date.  Not to mention the 2 or 3 young 'uns trapped in between.  Products of love turns sour.  Reason #1?  Hubby having affair(s).
Now, given those facts, I naturally assumed that the reason for my said friend for divorce was because her husband's having an affair (or two) with another woman.  I'm pretty sure the problem didn't lie on money issues, cos her husband's known to be quite well-to-do and obliging on her spending.  Definitely not because of physical abuse, cos I'm sure we would've seen it if it were.  As far as her in-laws are concerned, the coast is clear.  Must be another woman, I thought.  And so did everybody else think also, once she told her story to a couple more eager ears.

Turns out there's more to the story than I originally thought.  The latest rumor has it that the husband is gay.  Rumor being rumors, it could just be that.  But it did wake me up to that possibility, one that until now I never consider as a cause for divorce.  Call me glib, but hey, they got married, right?  Bride and groom?  Know what I mean?  So don't blame me if I didn't see any ex or future boyfriend for the groom in the picture, alright??

So, the million-dollar question: what do you do (when your husband turns out gay)?  Throw in two or three kids into the picture to the mix also please; then what do you get?  How does it all fit into a picture?  Will a divorce settle the problem the same way as when the problem was another woman?  Could we even argue that one seems to be better than the other?  There, let's call it our daily sweat for today, shall we?

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