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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Earlier today, my husband and I were just relaxing on the sofa while watching the news on TV, when suddenly there’s this bit about Charlie Sheen and his antics.  Soon after, a famous “entertainment lawyer” went onscreen to voice his comments on the whole thing.  The title “entertainment lawyer” sorta picked my interest, cos you hear about other sorts of lawyers like criminal lawyers, divorce lawyers all the time…. but an entertainment lawyer?  Hmmm… sounded glamorous and scandalous… well, it sounded like a dream job to me!

“Gosh, an entertainment lawyer?  Must be rich, huh?” I told my husband.

“Yeah, I’m sure…” he replied.

…”Ge’ez, all these lawyers… They’re… Lawyers are… such… crooks!”  I absent-mindedly said, my vision still glued on the image of the said entertainment lawyer onscreen.

“Didn’t you tell me just the other day, that I would make an excellent lawyer?” my husband asked.
<O Shit>

Now, that doesn’t really say anything about what I think about my husband, does it?  Just thought I’d share that with you.

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  1. HHAHAHAHAH, that's pretty funny :-)
    Love the name of this blog!

    Following you,
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