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Monday, December 5, 2011

Memories Captured

This picture of my now seven years-old daughter, Miss Chatterbox, was taken at Dreamland Beach, Bali, in July 2011.  It is among my all-time favorite shots of her because it captured her personality and milestone so perfectly.  Vivacious and whimsical, she was herself the most while in the outdoors.  

Thanks to Alison of Mama Wants This and Galit of These Little Waves, for introducing me to new ways of keeping precious memories alive, through the use of Picnik and their Memories Captured link up! 

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  1. Love this picture!
    As much as I love you!
    She is adorable and I hope she always keeps her whimsicle ways!

  2. What a little diva!! She is cracking me up!


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